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Budget & Economy

In all of Mary-Dulany James’ endeavors, the thoughts and needs of the people of Harford County are her top priority. In 2009, in the wake of the Great Recession, the state of Maryland was faced with a deficit of almost $2 billion. However, thanks to the leadership, guidance, and fiscal prudence of legislators such as Mary-Dulany James, the state was able to formulate a forward-thinking plan to eliminate the structural deficit while maintaining an emphasis on funding priorities such as education and public safety. The implementation of a responsible budget by legislators such as Mary-Dulany has allowed Maryland to maintain its AAA bond rating still today, one of only 7 states to maintain their rating over the past decade.

Mary-Dulany James also understands that you lead by example. When the worst of the economic recession was gripping the nation, Mary-Dulany made the personal decision to give back over $8,000 from her legislative account and rejected her own pay increase 3 times.

As a member of the Appropriations committee, Mary-Dulany James was instrumental in ensuring that state spending did not get out of control.

Taking over her family farm and running her own law practice has given Mary-Dulany James the insight to approach her role as a legislator from the perspective of a small-business owner.  The daily challenges of balancing the books, managing payrolls, and navigating regulations have made Mary-Dulany keenly aware of the impact that the government has on the private sector.  Her steadfast dedication and support of small businesses here in Maryland have led to improvements such as the FastTrack program, which is designed to expedite the state review of qualifying development projects.

Job creation is a top priority for Mary-Dulany.  She led the charge in passing legislation to provide tax credits to businesses that hire recently unemployed Marylanders and gave small businesses flexibility in paying their unemployment insurance and property taxes. In 2013, she worked with colleagues to create 38,000 jobs here in the State of Maryland. Due to the support of private businesses by legislators such as Mary-Dulany James, 95% of these jobs were created by the private sector. 

Mary-Dulany was also actively involved in the negotiation and passage of Public-Private Partnership legislation during the 2013 session.  This legislation allows for the use of state funds to leverage private sector investment, creating numerous jobs here in the state of Maryland.  The bill is focused on physical infrastructure within the state, such as major transportation projects.

Mary-Dulany James also supported the Maryland Employment Advancement Right Now (EARN) Program, which creates industry-led partnerships to cultivate the skills of the workforce here in Maryland.  These partnerships consist of regional businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies, who all work together to identify common workforce needs and develop strategies to meet those needs.

In 2013, Mary-Dulany showed her support for both Veterans and the Economy by supporting the Veterans Full Employment Act, which expedites the issuance of occupational and professional licenses for active military personnel, veterans, and their families.  The Act also credits active and former military personnel for training and certifications that they received during their service, allowing that training and experience to be considered when they apply for occupational and professional licenses here in Maryland.

As our Senator, Mary-Dulany will continue her efforts to improve the lives of everyone in Harford County by supporting balanced, common-sense budget solutions that represent our principles and provide opportunity for everyone.


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