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“Harford county has been my home my whole life and I’m dedicated to bringing back Annapolis dollars to our county. I want to serve in the Maryland Senate to create good-paying jobs for our working families, improve our infrastructure, fund our schools, support our farms, and help families recover from the pandemic.”

  • Increasing Job Growth and Helping Small Businesses: As business owner, James knows the challenges small businesses face and is committed to helping them recover from the pandemic’s economic effects. In addition to supporting small businesses, James will prioritize job growth in Harford county so our families have job opportunities with good benefits.

  • Improving Our Infrastructure: James will advocate for long term funding to repair and improve our roads and bridges to keep our communities and economies connected. Infrastructure funding should also address protecting our environment, especially the natural resources and beauties of our bay and our farms.

  • Addressing Public Safety: James recognizes Harford county families need safe communities to thrive. Increasing funding for education, training, and resources for police officers is vital to addressing issues of public safety and crime.

  • Supporting Our Schools: Mary-Dulany believes we should set up the next generation of Harford county for success. That starts with well-funded, safe public schools so all of our children have the opportunity for a great public education.

  • Making Health Care More Affordable and Accessible: Everyone deserves affordable and accessible health care, especially during an international pandemic. Mary-Dulany will work to make sure Harford county families have access to health care providers, services, and facilities and that our frontline workers have the resources they need.

Photo of Mary-Dulany James speaking with a pharmacist
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