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Hometown Heroes

Delegate Mary-Dulany James has displayed time and time again her steadfast dedication to supporting those individuals who protect us at home and abroad.  Coming from a family that understands and appreciates the value of giving back to the community, Delegate James knows that such service is a calling that requires selfless dedication and a love of country and community.  Mary-Dulany always has, and will continue, to take every opportunity to honor and thank these men and women, as well as acknowledge the great sacrifice that many have made in the line of duty.

One example of Mary-Dulany’s support for our local heroes is her co-sponsorship of the Hometown Heroes Act of 2010.  This bill provides economic relief to those who have served our communities, specifying that retirement income received by retired federal, State, and local law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency services personnel can qualify for exclusion from the Maryland income tax if the individual is at least 50 years of age.

Mary-Dulany has also worked tirelessly to make sure that our local emergency service providers are adequately funded.  In 2007, Mary-Dulany supported legislation which increased the amount of state funding that local municipalities receive for each full-time sworn police officer.

Delegate James is aware of the great difficulties our public servants face in performing their duties, and she has done everything possible to help ease their burden.  In 2003, Mary-Dulany supported a bill that exempted firefighters and other emergency services personnel from obtaining noncommercial Class A or B driver’s licenses when the individual has already received authorization to operate emergency vehicles and is doing so in conjunction with their official duties.

Additionally, as a result of Mary-Dulany James’ efforts, the brand new Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute North East Regional Training Center was built at the Aberdeen Proving Ground.  Mary-Dulany secured over $8 million to make this building state of the art so that all of our firefighters and emergency services personnel can receive world-class training right here in Harford County.

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