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2023 Interim Newsletter


Maryland’s Budget

During the last week of our legislative session, the state’s budget was finalized and voted on. I am particularly proud of the state operating and capital budget, which included significant increases for Harford County. We were able to provide an increase of $38.4 million that went towards education, libraries, public safety, transportation, and healthcare. The chart below provides information on specific increases for different sectors of our county.


Senate Bond Initiatives

Another major component of the budget are legislative bond initiatives (LBIs). LBIs provide funding for specific projects in a legislator’s district. For Harford County, we received $500,000 for the improvement of the Havre de Grace STAR Centre (sports, theater, arts, recreation). The STAR Centre is a cornerstone of entertainment, physical recreation, and economic vibrance in our community. These funds will be well utilized to continue providing these excellent services.

Second, Rockfield Manor received $300,000 for facility improvements. Rockfield Manor is a magnificent venue for weddings and events with beautiful backdrops. Next, The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region (Arc NCR) received $100,000 for renovations. Our Arc NCR supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and provides foster care programs, family support, and vocational services. These funds will be vital towards continuing their important services.

Lastly, the Upper Chesapeake Aberdeen Medical Center received $500,000, and the Harford County 4-H Camp received $60,000. This camp offers many outdoor amenities utilized for activities including youth club meetings, family reunions, sporting events, workshops, swimming, hiking, archery, and learning about the many animals and plants that inhabit Harford County. Overall, Harford County scored a significant victory in Maryland’s budget for fiscal year 2024.


House Bond Initiatives

The House of Delegates also secured funding for the following local projects that will go a long way toward facility improvements:

American Legion Post 47 Floating Pier Replacement- $100,000

EPIC HOPE Expansion- $50,000 (click here to learn more)

Harmers Town Art Center- $100,000


Enhanced Transparency

The Harford County Department of Planning & Zoning has enhanced its Track-It app to provide the public with unprecedented access and availability to the development review process. This updated system will greatly increase transparency and enable the public to be better informed on proposed developments. It is crucial for citizens to be aware and provide input for all zoning and re-zoning matters.

Development proposals, designs, revisions, and related documents are submitted each week to Planning & Zoning staff, who ensure all applicable development regulations are met. These materials are stored and available online through the county’s state-of-the-art digital document system known as Track-It.

Citizens who subscribe to “Track-It Advanced” will receive weekly email summary reports of all documents archived as part of the development process in Harford County.

You can subscribe to Track-It Advanced by clicking here.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact my office at 410-841-3158 or


Mary-Dulany James

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