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Interim Newsletter


My 2023 Environmental Scorecard

I am happy to announce that I received a score of 100% on the Maryland League of Conservation Voters’ 2023 Environmental Scorecard. The Maryland League of Conservation Voters is a local organization that works to protect our environment. They fight in support of important issues like the expansion of renewable energy, forest preservation, and clean air, among many others. The environmental concerns of our communities are a primary area of focus for me every year, and I will continue to prioritize the environment during the upcoming legislative session. If you would like to read the scorecard, you can do so here.


HCSMCC Vice President Leslie Williams, Senator James, and President Patricia Cole with a Senate Citation.

Historic Marker Celebration

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Historic Marker Celebration for the Havre de Grace Colored School Museum and Cultural Center (HCSMCC). This school began as a two-room structure serving primary-grade students and later expanded to become the first public school in Harford County that provided high school education to African-American students. Before it was expanded, the County only provided education for these students up to 8th grade. Its halls were also frequently graced by the iconic poet and civil rights activist Langston Hughes. Today, the 111-year-old historic school building symbolizes the lives and legacies of those who fiercely advocated for better educational opportunities for African Americans. Its Historic Marker designation is a declaration by the State that this school is a significant landmark within the history of Maryland, and it is a well-deserved designation.


Delegate Andre Johnson, faculty and students from Roye-Williams Elementary School, Senator James, and Delegate Steve Johnson.

A student shows his art to Senator James.

Harmer’s Town Art Center

I also recently attended the fantastic ribbon cutting for Harmer’s Town Art Center. We celebrated the opening of Graw Alley, a vibrant walkway lined with beautiful murals that bring to life the history of Havre de Grace. While we only celebrated the grand opening of Graw Alley, there is still much more to come for the Art Center. There are ongoing efforts to rehabilitate a 34,000 square foot building which will serve many purposes. It will provide instructional space for people to teach/learn how to make art along with being a place for artists to display or sell their work. As the Art Center’s development is completed, it will be a regional art hub that attracts many from all over Maryland and neighboring states.



The first Thanksgiving is generally considered to have been held in November of 1621 when Governor William Bradford of the Plymouth Colony organized a celebratory feast, but it was not necessarily the merriest of celebrations… Much of what we know about the first Thanksgiving comes from a letter written by Edward Winslow, who was one of the pilgrims that sailed aboard the Mayflower which landed in the new world just one year prior. Within his ink and parchment, he estimates that almost 80% of the women did not survive the first winter. The colony was now mostly men and children. Despite this tragedy, there were some things to be thankful for. They had recently concluded a successful corn harvest and forged an alliance with the Wampanoag tribe. The Wampanoag and their chief, Massasoit, came to the feast and presented five deer to the pilgrims. While we know venison was on the menu, we do not actually know what else they ate during the three-day celebration. Historians believe they likely ate fish and shellfish which were abundant in the area along with cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, leeks, lettuce, parsnips, and pumpkins. As time wore on and the colonies turned into states, Thanksgiving was a holiday celebrated in several states individually on different dates. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday. I extend my heartfelt wishes and hope you and your family had a happy Thanksgiving. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact my office at 410-841-3158 or Sincerely, Mary-Dulany James Senator Harford County Maryland General Assembly

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