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Legislative Newsletter #5


SB 90 (Stop the Spam Calls Act of 2023)

As 2023’s legislative session is about to come to its conclusion, (only one week left!), I wanted to highlight one very reasonable bill that I co-sponsored. SB 90 (Stop the Spam Calls Act of 2023) prohibits an automated system for the selection or dialing of telephone numbers and prohibits the playing of a recorded message when a connection is completed. It also mandates that solicitors cannot spoof their identity so that it appears as something else in the caller ID. Every Marylander is quite weary of receiving spam calls, and this bill will substantially reduce their frequency.

(HB crossfile has already passed both chambers, but Senate version is currently on 3rd reader; check back soon to see if it was passed)


SB 280 (Improving Childcare for Military Service Members)

Another bill that I have proudly co-sponsored is SB 280. This legislation drastically improves efficiency when it comes to childcare for our military members. Presently, the Department of Defense has an established licensing framework for childcare providers as part of their “Family Child Care” program, and nearly all providers are spouses of members currently serving in the armed forces. Once certified, these providers must complete annual training and comprehensive professional development programs. Despite these extensive licensing requirements, they must also go through the process of becoming certified by the state of Maryland. This duplicative process is unnecessary, inefficient, and causes the childcare needs of our service members to not be met. SB 280 establishes that certified Family Child Care providers are automatically able to provide their services in Maryland. This bill will ensure our great military personnel’s childcare needs can be met.


Bond Initiatives

This week, announcements were made regarding the funding that different bond initiative projects received. For Harford County, we received $500,000 for the improvement of the Havre de Grace STAR Centre (sports, theater, arts, recreation). The STAR Centre is a cornerstone of entertainment, physical recreation, and economic vibrance in our community. These funds will be well utilized to continue providing these excellent services. Second, Rockfield Manor received $300,000 for facility improvements. Rockfield Manor is a magnificent venue for weddings and events with beautiful backdrops. Next, The Arc Northern Chesapeake Region (Arc NCR) received $100,000 for renovations. Our Arc NCR supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and provides foster care programs, family support, and vocational services. These funds will be vital towards continuing the vital services they provide. Lastly, The Harford County 4-H Camp received $60,000. This camp offers many outdoor amenities utilized for activities including youth club meetings, family reunions, sporting events, workshops, swimming, hiking, archery, and learning about the many animals and plants that inhabit Harford County.


I-95 Express Tolls

The I-95 Express Toll Lanes Northbound Extension and I-695 ramps toll rate range setting process will officially close Thursday, April 13, 2023.Members of the public may submit comments on the proposed tolling plan for the official record through that date. The proposed tolling plan, public hearing materials, and where to submit a comment are available here.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact my office at 410-841-3158 or


Mary-Dulany James

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